"Triumph of the Immaterial" by Phoebe Cummings

Today marks the end of the Woman's Hour Craft Prize exhibition, with the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery completing it's hosting duties as the final venue on the UK tour. Twelve finalists were shortlisted back in 2017 and Phoebe Cummings was hailed winner for her strikingly beautiful, raw clay fountain, "Triumph of the Immaterial". The bafflingly intricate design of flora and foliage was made to only last the duration of the exhibition. As water trickles down the fountain, the clay begins to disintegrate, leaving a warped and distorted memory of the original structure. Phoebe challenges the perception of ceramics and craft by creating something so detailed and laborious, only for it to break down in a matter of weeks. I look forward to seeing what Phoebe does next as she leaves this exhibition with just some remnants of clay and her £10,000 prize.

"Triumph of the Immaterial" on display at the V&A

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